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Imported Greek Olive Oil
Imported Greek Olive Oil

Extra Virgin 1L

Extra Virgin 1L

1 bottle

This is pure, unadulterated olive oil. Some brands will cut their olive oil with a lesser grade (pomace) to bring the cost down while still maintaining the acidity level that deems it worthy of the "extra virgin" status.

Our award winning olive oil has a distinct flavor, and Greeks from the old country prefer our brand over the competition due to the quality.

We import European award winning olive oil from the Peloponnese region near Sparta. This high quality pure olive oil can be used with any dish! We don't recommend cooking with it on high heat, but you can use it by dousing it on any dish after its been cooked to add extra flavor and health benefits to every meal!

We have many different options including Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a nd Virgin Olive Oil. Along with multiple sizings and brands.

Watch out for our house brand "Leonidas", after the famous Spartan King who had a movie made about him (Zack Snyder's 300).

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