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Caviar - 5 Types (non-sturgeon, non-salmon)

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Caviar - 5 Types (non-sturgeon, non-salmon)
Caviar - 5 Types (non-sturgeon, non-salmon)

Smoked Cod Roe 190g

Smoked Cod Roe 190g

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caviar and delicacy

These caviars provide alternatives in taste, flavor, and price to the more traditional sturgeon and salmon caviar. They are:

  • Trout Caviar 50g
  • Herring/Mullet Caviar 50g
  • Black Lumpfish Caviar 100g
  • Red Lumpfish Caviar 100g
  • Smoked Cod Roe 190g
  • Caviar Spoon 4" "Mother of Pearl" w/ Mosaic Handle
  • Caviar Blinis "16 Cocktail Pancakes" 135g

To preserve the full flavor of caviar, the most recommended and the traditional choice of serving utensil is the Mother of Pearl spoon.

Cocktail Blinis are perfect for serving with caviar, smoked salmon, foie gras or making your favorite Canapes. Tastes similar to hot pancakes, sweet and delicious! For best results toast the blinis lightly and add unsalted butter and your favorite caviar!

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