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Cod Liver in Oil

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Cod Liver in Oil
Cod Liver in Oil

120g S&F


1 tin

caviar and delicacy

Cod liver is incredibly tasty and undoubtedly nutritious.! It has a mild flavor and it tastes and smells absolutely nothing like cod liver oil (thank goodness!).

Cod liver reminds me of sardines without the crunchiness, and less fishy. The texture is smooth and pâté-like.

Cod liver certainly doesn’t share the notoriety popularity of its oil capsule supplements. I’m surprised it’s not more common, as it’s very nutritious – a great whole food source of Omega 3s, especially DHA. And, it’s super yummy! Win-win in my books!!

Cod liver in its own oil. Source of omega 3 polyunsaturates. 100% natural, no preservatives, no colors, no MSG,


Cod liver in its own oil, salt.

Product of Iceland

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